Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Nicky's Video Reflection 2007

Here is my Video Reflection Hope you Enjoy it.

Nicky's Video Reflection 2007

Here is my Video Reflection Hope you Enjoy it.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Why The All Blacks, Why Not France Instead?

Dear New Zealand Rugby Union.

Hello my name is Nicky Bowler and I think the ALL BLACKS should of won the world cup. Here is some information you might want to know 55% think it was the refferee's fault 7% think it was the coach 17% was the all blacks players.

First of all the ref kept giving out penalties to the All Blacks Then there was the send off thing when they send you off for no reason THEN there’s the ford pass from the French and they score when they should of called it up for a ford pass but of course they let it go.

Most people were getting ready to leave on the plane to go and watch the finals because the knew we would get in of course the ref spoils everything and loads of people canceled there trip to Paris France to watch our champions many people were angry and disappointed that the refs were cheating but of course French won.

I think the All blacks should of won because Graham Henry may no longer be your hero but to me he always is. When the All Blacks arrived back everyone was still happy with them for getting this far well it least I am So many people turned out to Christchurch Airport for congrautulating them and getting there signatures. I think the are still my number 1 fans even if the loose a game.

So in conclusion I think the ref should pay next time the ref will suffer no So now we will be ready to win in 4 years time and we will ring the cup home were it belongs in New Zealand so I’m ready my friends are ready everybody’s ready so the ref will pay new Zealand meet the cup in 4 years.

Sincerely Nicky

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Key comp Reflection

What I've improved on through out this year:

Goal setter- I think I'm a good goal setter because this year I've kept to all my goals and last term I would say I've achieved my goal but really I didn't and I think is very important to keep to this.

Respect- I know how to respect all my friends and what they say to me and even if I don't like what they do.... or what they say I still respect what they say and what they do. I know this is important because if I don't respect my friends then I wouldn't have any.

Technology- Because now I know how too use computers this year and I have achieved this really well this year I would like to thank Claire and Rob for this because they have really changed this skill now I'm getting very good at this and with this skill I can type really fast now which I'm very proud of.

Responsible risk- Because I like to take risks and try new things I've never tried before and be able to do new things.... and I when I take risks I keep safe.

PE- I think I've improved on my P.E through out this year because this year at the very start I could just run 1 lap of the field now I can run 2 and I think I've improved heaps on athletics (Discus) because I can through 14.46 meters and last year I could through something like 10 and my fitness has improved heaps.

Creater- Because I like to challenge my self and I imagine things and then I try and build them and have it as real life and begin something new with this and then keep learning this.

Maths- Because I've improved on this really well and at the start I didn't know my times table very well and when we had this big test and I got like 50 and I can imagine doing this and getting about 70-80 because I've practiced a lot every couple of days I would practice this and now I feel as if I'm ready for anything.

Tools for understanding- Because I use different organiser like the t-chart and flow chart and I use all sort of ways to show what sort of organiser I try and Use.

Flexible- I think this year I've got more flexible because just say Rob says Lets go swimming and then all of a sudden he can't then I wouldn't really mined and I can be able to.

Spelling- I think I've improved this because I can now spell harder words and try and get better at spelling and I think I'm probably getting really good because I really won't to be able to spell words Ive never heard of

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nicky's Term 4 goals

My last goal would be to not always be using the computer because I’m always the first to grab a computer and people are always saying “Oh Nicky you are always on the computer” and I won’t it to be so that it’s not always me!! It’s other people too. I will Achieve this by if someone gives one to me I will give it up and let someone else have ago.

Nicky term 4 goals

My second goal would be to keep my desk tidy because every time Claire and Rob ask me to get my maths book and a pencil it takes me 5 minutes to get a book and a pencil. I will achieve this by everytime I go to get a book it would only take me 30 seconds to get them. And every morning I will tidy it in the morning and see how messy it gets through the day and at the day I will ask Elise to rate and tell me and the rate will be out of 10 and 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest and if i get a high score I will try and keep it but if I get a low score I will try and stick to it

Term 4 goals-organised

My second goal would be to keep my desk tidy because everytime Claire/Rob ask me o get my maths book it takes me 5 minutes to get a book. I will achieve this by everytime I go to get a book it would only take me 30 seconds to get them. And every morning before school I will tidy my desk and at the end of the day Elise will tell me if I got a mark out of ten ten beiong good 1 being bad